Want to Sell Your Home? You’re Going to Have to Put in a Little Elbow Grease to Get the Job Done

No one ever said selling a home was easy. It’s not often you put a sign in the yard, get a call the next day, close with no issues, and get a check. There are lots of things you can do to help your chances!  Some things you can’t avoid, such as, if you live near busy streets or airports. Things like these will weigh heavily on their decision. You can’t change the location, but you can add some thick windows and try your best to make the outside look nice. If you do have a small yard, plant some pretty flowers and add some nice porch furniture. Consider putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door. Nothing looks better than a freshly painted front door, it takes ages off your home. decorations-accessories-living-room-alluring-grey-living-room-ideas-with-wall-murall-and-nice-sofa-set-with-square-coffee-table-and-pretty-tiles-area-rug-20-inspiring-grey-living-room-ideas-597x432

Something you can control is the cleanliness. Especially the kitchens and bathrooms. Buyers frequently are shocked at how dirty these areas are when they go to view a potential home. It displays laziness, and is really unacceptable to be perfectly honest. Take a trip to the store, buy some cleaning supplies, and put on the rubber gloves!

Buyers do not like sellers who follow them around the house when they are trying to view it. They are trying their best to get a clear idea on whether or not they like the house, the pros and cons of it, and if the pros outweigh the cons for them. And you…are a con. You may think you’re helping, but you’re actually helping yourself right out of a sale. Find a friend to go to lunch with when your realtor is showing your home. Go for a walk, catch up on work, or go shopping. It really doesn’t matter what you do to fill your time while your home is being shown, just don’t be there!front-yard-colorful-flowers

Please do yourself a favor and clean up around the house. When you leave your clothes and other items scattered around the house, it shows that you are messy, probably don’t take care of things very well, and also, that you don’t much storage. Put away the clothes you don’t need, and bring anything you can’t store to a family member’s house, or donate it.

If you’ve got wallpaper, or bold colored walls, try to make them neutral. It isn’t difficult to rip out wallpaper if its in a small room. Sometimes you can even paint over it! Bathrooms are extremely important to home buyers. Imagine how you were when you were looking at houses. The bathrooms were probably one of the first places you looked. It’s where you spend a lot of time. No one wants to see dirty grout around the bathroom walls and shower. It only takes a few minutes to add more!


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